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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage Therapy induces what doctors call "the relaxation response". It reduces the effects of stress, consequently lessening the incidence of other ills. Swedish Massage can have a cumulative effect which helps improve our responses to stress. Some of those little annoying things that used to just "get on your last nerve" just don't bother you anymore. In addition, pain, discomfort and toxins in the body's tissues are reduced and the function of the immune system improves. Many complaints can be addressed, including anxiety, fatigue, digestive troubles, nausea, muscle and nerve pain, headaches and migraines, insomnia, arthritis pain, soft tissue strains or injuries, TMJ pain, swelling and depression. Swedish Massage works its magic on all the body's systems including circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, musculoskeletal, digestive, nervous, immune and lymphatic to improve your quality of life. The best thing about it is that it feels great!

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy is great for helping you perform at your best, no matter what the activity. Sports Massage milks the muscles of toxins, the by-products of exercise, improving and reducing recovery time. By flushing toxins out of the system and increasing circulation of oxygenated blood, nutrients reach the effected areas faster. All this keeps you playing, competing, practicing and building on your own current exercise program.

Pain Relief

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Muscle injury, spasm and strains often impede the body's ability to function properly. If you are aware of not being fully able to reach that item on the top shelf that you always could, or feel back pain after gardening, Deep Tissue can help. This technique can reduce pain, stiffness, aches and other symptoms by relieving their causes. By slowly contacting the injured muscle and it's antagonist partner, adhesions causing the problem are broken up, and muscles are lengthened to help restore flexibility and functional mobility.

Connective Tissue Massage Therapy/ Fascia Work

Like a well oiled machine, the body functions great, until oil can't get to one of the parts. Connective Tissue Massage acknowledges how well all of the body works together, that all of its systems are related, affect each other, and do not function as well without each other. Like kitchen plastic wrap, fascia wraps around everything in the body, including muscles, bones and organs. It holds us together and gives us our shape. Often a problem in one bodily area is caused by a restriction in another requiring the body to work harder to stay in balance. Looking at the body as a whole unit, Fascia Work can find these problems and correct them. Whether it's walking with a limp or pain upon breathing, Connective Tissue Massage helps the body work properly for smooth, pain-free, graceful movement.
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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Points are microscopic muscle cramps. These tiny myofascial cramps have been studied by the medical profession for over 30 years. When trigger points occur, they send very predictable patterns of pain, weakness and/or numbness, often called "referred" patterns, to other areas of the body. Trigger Point Therapy can not only relieve the symptoms, but the cause of the pain as well. I will teach you simple and proven techniques to help reduce recovery time and get you back sooner to the activities you love.
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Foot massage is one of the most relaxing manual therapy one can experience. It is based on principles of zone therapy, foot structure, acupuncture meridians and reflex points. In zone therapy, one particular area of the body can be massaged to relax another area of the body. The structure of the foot can be assessed to bring it back to an alignment that better supports the body. Acupuncture meridians run throughout the body to bring improved health to the organs, nervous systems and endocrine glands to help the entire system run more efficiently. Reflex points represent corresponding areas of the body on the feet (as well as the hands and ears) and directly effect those areas. If there is an area of the body that cannot be reached or is too sensitive to touch, working the corresponding foot area will benefit. What all this means is that by enjoying a very deep relaxing foot massage in this way, the entire body benefits.

Energy Work

Healing Touch

Have you ever stubbed your toe and felt the pain echoing out in all directions? Have you ever noticed a friend with a migraine headache, and the pain gets worse if someone walks near them, or turns the lights on?

There is a part of you that can get injured that is not visible called the electromagnetic field (EMF) which surrounds and penetrates the body. Healing Touch helps heal the EMF. Healing Touch is a system developed and approved by the American Holistic Nursing Association to treat the EMF. Energy is as vital to health as oxygen even though we cannot see either of them. Healing Touch is a painless, effective way to help restore the EMF, whether it is causing a painful headache or a broken heart. It reduces the time required to heal burns, sprains, bouts of depression, and other wounds without causing side effects. I will also teach you techniques to use for yourself and loved ones.


Reiki, a system of healing originally developed in Japan, is a simple laying on of hands technique that brings healing energy to wherever it is needed. Transmitting healing from one person to another, Reiki feels peaceful to both giver and receiver. It can be beneficial for any ailment, anytime, anywhere. As an Usui Reiki Master, both treatments and technique instruction are available.

Stress Relief

Onsite Chair Massage

One of the most cost efficient benefits an employer can provide is onsite chair massage. It's totally portable, requires no equipment investment and can be provided during a break. Chair Massage improves the work environment - a less stressed-out office is 80% less likely to incur an accident and 50% less likely to have lost work days. In as little as 15 minutes, a client can become calmer, more alert and more able to focus and accomplish their tasks. Whether it's for a special occasion, such as employee appreciation days, or arranged for on a weekly or monthly basis, at about $1 a minute, chair massage is a very cost effective way to provide good health and good wishes to your employees.

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